Do you want to ensure all your employees get their TABC and/or Food Handlers certification on Time?

The On-Site Class may be your best option, By Making sure all your employee’s show up at same time, at the same place, puts the control in your hands.

When the employer has many employees that need to be certified. It is easier to get them all certified at one time with an on-site class at your location.

• Do you manage staff and hire many employees and need to get their TABC and/or Food Handlers Certifications?

• Are you planning an event or have and need to make sure everyone gets their TABC and/or Food Handlers Certification course?

• Are you Opening a new location (bar, Restaurant, Liquor store, Grocery store or any establishment that Serves Alcohol or Food?

Give us a call we have been doing Live Classes it the DFW area sense 1994. Making sure your employee gets the Alcohol and Food Safety Information they need to follow the Law and the Food Safety Rules and get their certifications.

Call Mike Zaby at 817-657-5455